Happy Birthday Color Guardians!!

13227061_1219357631410363_8876888237501496434_n   It's Color Guardians’ birthday! Therefore, last sunday, we held a party to celebrate its first anniversary. The event consisted in two main activities: a Color Guardians tournament and speeches about game development in our country.   During 4 hours, we shared great experiences with the gamer & development community. Felipe Cartín, one of our producers and artists, gave a speech about “Art in videogames: from concept art to final product”, in which the history of art and all the necessary art process in game development were mentioned and explained. Virgilio Solís, FPL developer, talked about “The difficult but funny process of creating videogames: step by step”, lots of interested people participated!     13344560_1223653510980775_5562526230336545681_n13321646_1223653650980761_8197898825292247994_n13319764_1223653737647419_8342308187064226629_n   Our CEO, Claudio Pinto, shared  a catch up about the videogames’ industry current status in Costa Rica and gave to the public tons of advices about how to take the first step on creating videogames.   On the other side, from children to adults, everybody had the chance to try Color Guardians out, as well. The tournament turned out intense as long as the time passed, the scores were so high and got similar among the first, second and third places.     13339524_1223653710980755_4972609553243490226_n13346423_1223653350980791_5689665705587318014_n13315469_1223653320980794_6861051860921580193_n   At the end, Joseph Méndez won the first place, with a 122220 score on Castle Run level 7. He was followed by David Monestel, with 120940 points, and Markus Villalobos on the third place with a score of 119730. Well done guys!!   13319751_1223653894314070_7023324326625993541_n13327532_1223653907647402_7023547962708643937_n13307333_1223653950980731_3028493930249283104_n   We, in Fair Play Labs, are aiming to strengthen the videogames industry in Costa Rica, and we think that creating a community and sharing knowledge between us, is one of the best ways to do it.   Check out our social networks: Color Guardians: Facebook: https://goo.gl/lN35Zy Twitter: https://goo.gl/LKZA0D http://colorguardians.com   Fair Play Labs: Facebook: https://goo.gl/jyMZNV Twitter: https://goo.gl/pSr27L

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