FPL Fifa 14 Tournament

In FPL, we take e-sports seriously. We are in the middle of a Fifa 2014 tournament in the office, and we’ve reached quarter finals! May the best player win!




The third edition of the FairPlayLabs FIFA championship it’s on its way, with Jose as the defending champion having won the past two editions and the rest of the team trying to take that title away, and of course, the bragging rights that come along with it.

We have a lot of people that love to play FIFA during our lunch breaks so we came up with the idea to make a tournament to see who is the best FIFA player.

The tournament has 16 teams, the teams are divided on 4 groups, and each team plays one match against the other three teams on the group.

The first two teams of each group advance to single match elimination rounds, moving towards semifinals and then the championship match to declare the new champion.

The tournament is currently in elimination rounds.




Twitter: https://twitter.com/FairPlayLabs/status/391354521932161024

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