Everybody had their chance to play Color Guardians in the “Connecturday” event

Last november 18th, Fair Play Labs joined the event “Connecturday”, organized by Universidad Creativa, where a large number of people came to have fun and enjoy videogames, cosplay and technology.   12138467_1660887594180731_451794373021398398_o Since 10 am, we were ready to solve people’s queries about Color Guardians and give everybody the chance to play the game. We’re so glad to see many smiles and good reactions of the game. At 1pm, we started our tournament with a huge number of participants waiting on the line for their turn. The prize included a brand new Color Guardians’ download code, a bag with the event sponsor's products and a free eligible course of Universidad Creativa.   12132437_1660887597514064_7108100838477480909_o The prize went to Joseph Méndez who started to practice from 11 o'clock and always made his best effort. The scores were so high! Gamers, cosplayers and people in general enjoyed the event and learned about national and international games and demonstrations. For us, being part of these type of events makes us feel proud of our country and gives us energy to improve the development of videogames in Costa Rica.   12112367_1660887790847378_1837221083880703189_n

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